The Outline of Categories allows you to easily search a group of related service categories to find providers, programs and services. The number of services in each category is listed in parenthesis.

When you select a category a listing of sub-categories will appear. When you select a sub-category, a list of providers, programs and services will appear.

Main Categories of Services:

Advocacy/Legal (581)
Assistive Technology (373)
Basic Government Assistance (545)
Basic Needs/Assistance (740)
Day Care/Day Activity (372)
Education (243)
Emergency Services (173)
Employment/Vocational (1038)
Evaluation/Intervention/Therapy (1086)
Financial Services (157)
Housing/Residential (888)
Information Services (317)
Medical/Health/Dental/Vision (2093)
Mental Health (564)
Miscellaneous Category (0)
Support Groups/One-to-One Support (224)
Support Services (2045)
Training/Certification Programs (195)
Transportation (365)